Peas and Prosperity

July 01, 2008

As promised: the inspirational story of a young lady working on an urban farm in downtown St. Louis. It may or may not be 1,050 words long. It may or may not take you several minutes to peruse. But it is definitely worth your time. (The best thing about blogs, compared to real journalism, is that I don’t have to be balanced, accurate or fair!)

Emily happens to have been my roommate for the past two years, so I’d like to send her my personal congratulations for a life well done. Also: happy almost-birthday! With no further ado: Peas and Prosperity: Junior helps homeless learn life skills through farming.

(Side note: I got most of my journalism skills from my three years of working for my high school newspaper, The Kirkwood Call. They would never let me write pun-tastic headlines like that. See, college is all about freedom. Love it.)

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