July 22, 2008

I met a group of Hendrix freshmen Sunday at a Hendrix Send-Off party.  Aren’t they cute?

[broken link to photo]

Like them, and like so many incoming freshmen around the country, I will be enrolling in a new school this fall.  We’ll be meeting new people, living in new rooms and adjusting to new cafeteria food.   The difference between the Hendrix freshmen and me is that they will get to see OK Go perform at Hendrix this fall and I won’t!

OK Go will be the star act at this year’s Welcome Week concert.  It’s hard to describe my jealousy.  You might understand if you watch their music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv5zWaTEVkI.  I mean, look at them go!  I’ve never looked that good on a treadmill in my life!

I have found out, however, that the International Club at the University of Monterrey will be hosting lots of events throughout the semester, including several parties and trips.  The most interesting: a “stoplight party,” where you wear red if you’re in a relationship, green if you’re single, and yellow if you just want to hook up.  If only real life were that easy!  So I’ve been looking for the cutest green shirt I can find.

In other news: I made it back safely from Hendrix to St. Louis, and my little sub-compact Mitsubishi Mirage was absolutely packed to the gills with my stuff.  None of the windows were obscured, thank goodness, but my huge laundry hamper and several boxes were riding shotgun.  I’ve mostly unpacked, now, and I’m about halfway re-packed for Mexico.

On that and so many other important issues, I’ll keep you updated.

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